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Southwest Greens launches a newly designed, cutting-edge fiber

Synthetic grasses have come a long way in the last few decades. Now, with the introduction of our patent-pending Bolt™ fiber, Southwest Greens has ushered in a new era for artificial grass. The exceptional elements that you have come to expect from Southwest Greens have been elevated to an incredible new level. The innovative fiber is shaped like a lightning bolt, which gives it added strength and resiliency. The curves of the fiber are specifically designed to reflect light in just the right way– lowering the luster and making every installation look natural.


Southwest Greens is a subsidiary of Shaw Industries, a market leader known for continuous innovation. Bolt began its research and development two years ago and enjoyed its debut last year as a sports grade performance turf. In fact, Bolt™ out-performed the industry’s stringent standards two times over. Reformulated for Southwest Greens it’s literally engineered with the best resins, yarns and backing to give customers the best possible value. While competitors continue to look for cheaper ways of doing business we believe in simply delivering the best value proposition.

With just one look, you’ll see that Southwest Greens’ Bolt™ fiber is like a whole new force of nature. Call your local franchise today to receive a complimentary consultation.