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How long does it take to install a synthetic golf green or other synthetic turf product?

The time it takes to install a synthetic green product depends on the size and complexity of the project, landscaping requirements and weather conditions. Most residential projects are completed within a day or two. More complicated installations will take longer. Please contact us for an estimate on your particular project.

You talk about in-fill. What is it and why is it so important?

Southwest Greens has invested heavily in research and development, resulting in the best synthetic turf materials and installation techniques. We fill our synthetic turf with a washed, rounded silica sand which is resistant to compaction; it won’t harden over time. It’s washed to remove impurities and dust. For our lawn applications, we also use a crushed rubber in-fill to add cushion. We can also install an extra cushion under the turf for play areas.

What are the advantages of investing in synthetic lawn turf?

The advantages of investing in synthetic lawn turf are many. Basically, the advantages fall into three categories—aesthetics, maintenance and cost. First, our lawn turf is engineered to project the lush green color and softness of natural grass year round. Second, maintenance is minimal. You no longer have to mow, fertilize or water your yard. Third, the cost factor is significant. With synthetic turf, you can eliminate the cost of irrigation and watering, mowing, trimming and fertilizing. There is no need for annual aeration and topdressing.

Do you offer different kinds of lawn turf? What about indoor installations?

We offer a variety of lawn turf products, the most technologically advanced grass fiber on the market. Depending on your personal preferences, climate and expected surface traffic, we will recommend the type of turf to meet your specific needs. We also offer design and installation services for indoor golf greens. It’s a sound investment for golfers who live in cooler climates where weather prohibits playing outdoors year round.

Will the synthetic turf fade over time? How durable is the turf? Typically, how long will it last?

We have been installing synthetic turf for golf greens, lawns and other commercial applications since 2006. Our original installations continue to have the rich green color and texture of natural grass. Our products are UV resistant and come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers fading. All Southwest Greens turf applications (or products) come complete with a 1-year workmanship warranty and a 5-8 year manufacturer’s warranty on the turf. (Warranties and terms and conditions are available upon request.) They are engineered to withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions, including fluctuations in temperature.

What maintenance is required for Southwest Greens synthetic turf products?

Very little. For golf greens, we recommend that you call us for routine maintenance every 12 to 18 months, which includes rolling the green to ensure a smooth putt, and inspecting the areas around the cups to make any necessary adjustments. In the meantime, all you need to do is use a leaf blower to remove debris and leaves. For other turf applications, just use your leaf blower and garden hose periodically to clear off debris and clean the surface.

How is Southwest Greens different from other synthetic golf green and turf companies?

Southwest Greens is considered one of the leaders in the synthetic turf industry. The reason for our success is threefold. First, we lead the industry in research and development. We use only the highest quality and most advanced materials on the market today. Once installed, our polypropylene turf products replicate the look and feel of natural grass. Second, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach. We custom design your project based on your desires, climate and conditions of the area. We work closely with our clients from day one to make sure the final product meets all their expectations. Third, we are the only company that requires its installers to receive national certification. Our Pro System and rigorous certification program are your guarantees that our products, workmanship and customer service will be of the highest quality.

Synthetic turf — how does it work?

Synthetic turf putting greens and synthetic grass turf for residential and commercial properties are the latest trend in landscaping. Get your backyard synthetic turf through the number one synthetic turf installation team on the market now!

Synthetic grass — where can I install it?

Synthetic grass lawns and synthetic grass putting greens are great alternatives to natural grass. If you are looking for commercial or residential installation of synthetic grass at your business or in your backyard, we are the synthetic grass installation team for you. It is time to turn that grassy area from a place of time-consuming work to a place of maintenance-free beauty. Stop worrying about it and start enjoying it!

Artificial grass — is it right for me?

Artificial grass and artificial grass lawns are great for anyone that wants beautiful looking, maintenance-free grass all year long. Whether you need commercial or residential artificial grass, or are looking for golf green installation in your backyard, we offer the best artificial grass installation in the business.

Artificial turf — isn’t that like carpet or flooring?

Artificial grass turf and Artificial lawn turf for residential or commercial installation has made great strides. If you are interested in professional-quality artificial putting green turf or long-bladed artificial golf turf for your backyard, you have come to the right place. No longer does artificial turf only reside inside domed football and baseball stadiums, or at your local putt-putt course.

Artificial lawn installation – what options do I have?

Artificial grass lawn and artificial turf lawn installation is our specialty! We offer the most experienced artificial lawn installation team available for commercial properties and residential backyards.

Be aware of where your synthetic turf is manufactured and the quality of the turf you are purchasing.

Some turfs being sold today are manufactured overseas. Not only are most of these turfs lower in yarn quality, they may contain heavy metals such as lead which could pose health hazards to you, your children and pets!

Southwest Greens synthetic lawn turf is manufactured in the USA by Shaw Industries (a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Company). Southwest Greens synthetic putting green turf is manufactured by Challenger Industries in Dalton, Georgia. Both turfs are 100% heavy metal free, 100% recyclable, safe for children and are pet friendly. Shaw offers an alternative to repurpose products thru the Shaw Green Edge Recycling Program.

I hear companies mention face weight’s of turf, what does this mean?

Face weight is the weight of an area of turf blades only that is 3′ X 3′ or 9 square feet. Many companies when quoting face weights will include the weight of the backing, which is not the correct way to measure face weight. Face weight is a measure (weight) of the thickness and fullness of the turf. Companies that include it for comparison purposes in the face weight are being deceptive.

Southwest Greens will only quote face weights without the backing! Face weight is the weight of the turf in ounces, and more weight can mean a thicker and fuller lawn but it doesn’t necessarily mean the turf will have increased longevity. When asking for face weight comparisons, make sure it does not include the backing.

Be aware that the turf you purchase is the same turf that is being installed!

Unfortunately there are companies in the turf industry that will do a bait and switch. They will show you a sample of turf that you agree to have installed in your yard and then will install a lesser quality turf or a 2nd quality turf, or even a lesser weight turf than you agreed upon. Some turf companies purchase only 2nd quality runs from the turf manufacturers. 2nd quality runs can have defects ranging from streaks in the turf, mixed dye colors, imperfections, delaminated backings and uneven blade heights and tip curl.

Southwest Greens only sells and installs 1st Quality turf made in the USA. Our manufacturer, Shaw Industries is always finding ways to improve their turfs and much of the input comes from its 100 franchises worldwide. All Southwest Greens employees are required to attend seminars to understand how the turfs are manufactured, see firsthand the process, ask questions and learn about the product. We are continually working to supply the highest grade and line of turfs available for durability, longevity and beauty!

Who is installing your turf?

Some companies subcontract their installations. The installers are not employees but subcontractors hired by the job. That may not be a big deal to you, but it is to SWG!

Southwest Greens employees are all employed fulltime – from the salesmen to the installers! We take pride in every job we do and if it is not done to our customers liking we will fix it. If an issue arises, we take the responsibility, not some unknown company we subcontracted to. Both lead foremen and the majority of installers have been employed with SWG for over 6 years.

What type of sand infill do you use for putting greens?

There are two types of silica sand that are used for infill of putting greens and lawns. Some companies use sub-angular silica sand for infill. Sub-angular sand is odd shaped and sharp. Sub-angular sand from its sharpness will begin to cut and saw at your grass blades as you walk on it, decreasing the life of your putting green. Sub-angular sand will also compact and get hard over time causing a putting green that becomes too fast.

Southwest Greens only uses round ball bearing silica sand for its putting greens. Round ball bearing silica sand does not contain sharp edges and will not cut at the blades as you walk on the green. Round ball bearing silica sand will increase the life of your green. Why don’t all companies use round ball bearing silica sand? Because it costs twice as much as sub-angular sand!

What type of sand is used for topdressing my putting green?

Some companies will use the same sub-angular silica sand for topdressing your putting green. This is the same sand that will cut and saw at the blades, and decrease the lifespan and longevity of your putting green.

Southwest Greens uses black and green round ball bearing silica sand for topdressing. The round ball bearing silica sand will increase the longevity of your putting green and will give it a nice color. Why don’t all companies use black and green round ball bearing silica sand to top dress the putting greens, because the cost is 3 times as much as sub-angular silica sand.

Other than silica sand for lawn infill’s, are there any other infill products that you use for lawns?

Some companies will also use copper slag as an infill. Copper slag is an abrasive blasting grit that is also sub-angular and will eventually cut and saw at the blades and decrease the life span of your lawn.

Southwest Greens, after infilling your lawn with round ball bearing silica sand will add a crumb rubber infill. Crumb rubber will create a soft and cushiony feel to your lawn. Crumb rubber is also instrumental in keeping the blades of your lawn standing erect. Why don’t all companies use crumb rubber infill? It’s just another added expense to them!

What do you use to tack down our turf?

Every company uses nails to tack down turf. Some companies will use steel nails to tack down your turf. Steel nails can, and will eventually rust.

Southwest Greens uses 3 ¼ inch galvanized nails. Galvanized nails have a zinc coating which prohibits rust. Why don’t all companies use galvanized nails? Because they are more expensive than steel nails!

What type of cups will you use for my putting green?

Some companies will use 4 inch or 6 inch plastic cups. Over time, plastic cups will get brittle and crack.

Southwest Greens will install durable PGA Tour quality 4 inch aluminum cups, the same cups you find at the top rated resort courses and private country clubs in Arizona. Why don’t all companies use aluminum cups? Because they are more expensive than plastic cups!

What else can increase the longevity of my putting green?

Ask other companies if they offer maintenance programs after your green is installed?

Southwest Greens recommends our annual maintenance program. This visit costs $105 an hour (most maintenance visits can be performed in 1 hour unless unusually large areas) two laborers will reroll or compact the putting green, add infill topdressings, mend and repair areas of your turf, shindawa power brush fringe and lawn areas to make your artificial lawn or putting green look refreshed and maintained! Scheduling a yearly maintenance visit is highly recommended.

How do you quote an artificial lawn or putting green project?

The majority of the companies charge by the square foot. Some companies charge by the square foot and also include a 10% waste charge in there price. There is a waste factor to every job. Rolls of turf come in 15 foot widths by any length, normally 50 or 65 foot lengths. You will always end up with smaller pieces (scrap) that normally cannot be used again.

Southwest Greens does not charge for a waste factor. Southwest Greens only charges for the actual square footage that was installed!

Can we visit projects that SWG has done, that are similar to the lawn or putting green that we are interested in?

Always ask to be taken to recent SWG jobs that are similar in design, type of turf, and square footage that you are interested in putting in your yard!

Southwest Greens can schedule a tour to take you to locations in your neighborhood or surrounding areas that have the same turf you are interested in. We feel it’s important for you to see a similar project before we begin on yours! If you are unable to see these projects we would be happy to supply you with names and phone numbers of prior customers in your area.

Can I hit chip shots to your greens?

Yes! Our innovative in-filled polypropylene synthetic turf products are constructed to function like natural golf course greens, so your ball will have the same spin and true roll of a natural surface. Whether you’re chipping in your backyard putting green from two yards or on our Nicklaus Designed course from 200 yards, our synthetic golf greens will sustain a shot as well as a natural grass green, ensuring your ball will not bounce or flutter as it would on a nylon surface.

How many sizes and shapes of golf greens do you offer?

Indoor or outdoor, the sky’s the limit! Southwest Greens delivers custom design professionalism for golf greens in a wide selection of sizes and designs for every client. Backyard golf greens for residential spaces are usually around 500 square feet, while artificial golf greens for commercial projects or Nicklaus Design golf courses are usually 1,500 square feet. Our outdoor synthetic putting greens are tailored for each client, considering available space as well as budget.

How much does a synthetic putting green cost?

Synthetic golf greens call for a high level of mastery for design and installation. Since our beginnings in the golf industry in 1996, we have truly perfected the art of golf construction. Breaks, bunkers, undulations and turf blending name just a few of the design elements important for authentic looking and rolling golf greens. With so many additional architectural features to think about over a more basic synthetic, golf green construction cost averages from $20 to $25 per square foot, more or less calculated considering region, accessibility and features.

What makes a Southwest Greens golf green better than one made of nylon or other materials?

The high quality of the materials we use is a very important factor in delivering a top-of-the-line golf green. Our quality products offer the lush, natural green look of genuine grass as well as the gentle feel and true performance characteristics lacking in nylon and other popular materials used in many synthetic golf greens.

How is Southwest Greens different from other synthetic turf and golf green companies?

Southwest Greens is the acknowledged leader in the artificial grass industry. Our devotion to research and development enables us to offer the highest quality and most cutting-edge materials on the market today. With an assortment of turf products made to replicate the look and feel of natural grass, our custom designs reflect the particular needs, climates and conditions of any area. All Southwest Greens installers are required to hold national certifications, guaranteeing that products and expert workmanship will always be of the highest quality.

Who can install a Southwest Greens turf product?

Highly trained Southwest Greens designers and installers are the only personnel authorized to design and install our synthetic grass materials. DIY purchases are available with consultation but will void any installation warranty.

What happens to turf at the end of its lifecycle

Usually, artificial grass is disposed of directly into landfills, taking up precious space. Shaw offers an improved alternative through the Green Edge Recycling Program. Once synthetic turf is removed, we are prepared to repurpose it in a variety of ways including carpet backing, mats, rugs, sheet goods and more.

Sand filling from the synthetic grass product is mechanically extracted from the turf, separated and then put through a cleansing process. The infill can then be used in future fields or used as materials for different products.

Shaw has recycled more than half of a billion pounds of carpet since 2007 and opened two advanced recycling facilities — Evergreen (nylon 6 recycling) and Re2E (Reclaim to Energy). Today, Shaw provides hundreds of fully certified Cradle to Cradle flooring products